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Role: Art director
Agency: ActivaMC
Introduction is one of the most important technology and digital culture portal in Colombia and Latin America. Gadgets, video games, tech events, movies reviews, all in the same place.

Due to the huge amount of articles the company produces everyday, the main goal we achieved through this redesign was to improve the information display along the layout on multiple devices.

First approach

Previous site analysis

Make and extensive analysis to the existing site was the first step of our project approaching. We detected opportunities to improve the information structure in order to provide a more intuitive experience to the user.

previous Enter site

Wireframes and prototypes

Given aspects such as the content of the portal, the business goals and several usability reviews were designed the structure of each page and the user interaction flow.

wireframe-1 wireframe-2 wireframe-3
visual proposal
Typography & colour

Oswald Regular

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Merriweather Sans

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UI elements
visual consistency

Due to the extensity of the portal, it was necessary to create a visual guide in order to preserve the graphic consistency through the entire navigation. Here the final result.

responsive layout

The modular structure of the content was the perfect solution to optimize the visualization of the portal in every device, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.

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