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Role: Web designer
Agency: Bluesoft
Date: December 2016

Fogafín is an entity created by the Colombian government to establish personal credit channels and refine mechanisms for solving financial issues into private institutions.

Through this project, the company gives the opportunity to the users to make banking diagnosis and help them build a healthy financial lifestyle.

First approach

Previous site analysis

This task allowed us to detect the necesity of bring more focus to the UI and product. The whitespace was completelly ignored on the previous website, making difficult the identification of the elements' hierarchy.

Prev site fogafin
interaction somos dane

Brand visual guide

It was necesary to add a digital styleguide to the brand visual model considering the graphic coherence with the elements and rules that were already established for printed applications.

visual proposal
Home Fogafin
Typography & colour

Source Sans

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Trebuchet MS

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UI elements
Fully responsive

Flexibility was the key in this project. Layouts, typography and images were optimized to guarantee a fluid navigation on every single device.


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