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Branding + Web Design


Building the brand identity for a Covid-19 screening platfrom and its digital ecosystem.
Covidguard preview Covidguard preview
Covidguard website

About the project

The challenge:

On March 2020, the north of Italy was abruptly hit by more than thirty thousand confirmed Covid-19 cases. Covidguard is an Italian startup that was created to provide real time information about the virus spread in both local and global scope, using a preventive approach through data analysis. They were aiming to boost the launch of their screening platform by adopting a strong brand identity that could be used in their digital communication channels.

The outcome:

I partnered with Covidguard to lead the design of their Digital brand identity that will be eventually applied on their website, social media profiles, mail communications and other medium to endorse their screening platform.

Covidguard website.

Visual identity

Defining the brand's main visual elements

Since digital products in the pandemic context rapidly appeared in the first months of 2020, a solid visual identity became highly relevant. First, to provide recognition among the market and second to gain trust from the users interacting with the brand.

The main attributes that the Covidguard wants to communicate through the visual identity are: Safety, Reliability and Trustworthiness. So merging the shape of a shield with the one of a face mask to create the logo is a way reinforce the brand values by the association of these elements.

Regarding the color palette selection, we considered tones that eventually will be used to display metrics related with the pandemic. The contrast generated between warm and cold tones allows the visual elements to hierarchy the information in different levels. Also using slight gradients was an appropriate way to provide a fresh look to the brand while being visually eye-catching.

In terms of typography the selection was prioritized by the readability of the information. Red Hat Text (by Google fonts) was chosen as the main font for the brand because its glyphs are very easy to distinguish even in small sizes. Additionally, the configuration of the ligatures and strokes in the characters evoques friendliness to the content.

The use of vector illustrations was very useful resource for the visual identity system because it allowed to abstract and complement the content in such way that the storytelling is reinforced in all the graphic materials. Additonally, this elements help animations and transitions to perform better, making them easier to create, manipulate and replicate.


Digital communication

Boosting the brand's digital presence

Keeping consistency accross the different communication channels used by the brand is assured by following the rules established in the visual system. That system should keep the balance between flexibility -to avoid every asset to look the same- and consistency -to make sure users associate the brand on the first glance when interacting with any material.

Covidguard website.

Web design

Building the main communication touchpoint

The Covidguard website was structured in such way that it anticipates the conversation with the user. The what, the how and specially the why of the product was rationally simplified to create a storyline that -supported by the tailored visuals- increases the reader's engagement and leads to generate registrations in the platform.

Covidguard website

Lessons learnt

  • Visuals contain deeper meaning than you'd think. Every graphic element should respond to the brand's values and must consider the target of the communications.
  • Every word matters. Orientate the content in such way that it relates a conversation for the user.
  • Visualize the strategy behind the product. Anticipating the communication channels that the brand could use in a future helps you to understand how diverse the visual system should be.

🙌  Special thanks to: Jacopo Ranalli and Domenico Macellaro (Covidguard Co-Founders).

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