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Unit for the victims

Role: Web designer
Agency: Inhouse project

The Unit for the victims is the government institution created for provide attention, assistance and reparation to the victims of the intern war in Colombia.

A complete website redesign was implement according to the users' requirements. The idea was to simplify all procedures they have to do to apply for the benefits the institution afford.

wireframe design

Several wireframe proposals were designed along with the excecutives and the victims in order to accomplish the website objectives.

wireframe-2 Unit
wireframe-2 Unit
wireframe-2 Unit
visual proposal
Home Unit for the victims
Typography & colour

Futura Std Book

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UI elements
Editorial minisites

A series of multimedia specials have been created to give a major importance to institucional events or special dates such as the International Victims Memorial Day. To create empathy with the users through cronicles and personal stories was vital, so the content and visual outcome of every minisite was thought from scratch.

Responsive layout

The website is frequented by the most important communication media of the country. This is why a perfect visualization of the content was an important issue to the project.

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